Music Festivals and Concerts

With Laser Encore’s all new solid-state, air-cooled, compact, plug and play laser projectors. The entire concert, music festivals and touring industry has never been easier and more effective than ever before.  No more hassle or extra expense of water cooling or three-phase power for just one laser system.

Signal cables are now just a simple CAT5 connection. Optional DMX that your own lighting designer can program and control our laser projectors from their own lighting console. Or you can use one of Laser Encore’s own professional laser programmers/operators.

Now that the new lasers are so affordable using multiple laser systems is a standard. Plus by being so compact you can eliminate bounce mirrors as we can place an entire laser system where a mirror used to be. It’s now not so much a technical issue on how many lasers you want to have vs. just a budget choice.

Don’t worry about paperwork as Laser Encore is a fully licensed and insured laser light show company. Laser Encore offers full reporting, filling and all necessary paperwork for the state and federal FDA, CDRH and FAA on your next rental. Call for a quote for your next event or tour as you will be surprised at how affordable it will be.