Sales and Installations

For complete sales and installations Laser Encore is your one stop choice. From conception to design, installation, training, programming and maintenance. Laser Encore has the experience and knowledge to make it a great success as we like cutting edge mixed with tried and true technology. We can provide a wide variety of laser systems, software, controls and setups for any application.

Built for the touring industry. All of Laser Encore’s laser projectors are designed to be robust in a compact sealed IP54 rated enclosure. The solid-state technology allows for air-cooled (no more water cooling), low power consumption with great quality adding reliability with almost no maintenance.

Laser Encore has a wide variety of systems with power outputs ranging from 1 watt to a 100 watts. Single color or full-color, indoors or outdoors, touring or permanent installations. Incredibly good beam specifications with individual controls over red, green and blue. Creating great white balance over long distance projections.

Our new optical X-Y scanners can project wide angles up to 60 degrees. Optional high speed graphic projectors with unheard of 90,000pps scanners create high quality, flicker free artwork, logos and animations.

Simple CAT5 connection lets you network as many lasers as you want for individual control. Optional DMX inputs for control with any lighting console. Whether you are a professional lighting designer or a DeeJay. These plug & play laser systems are fun and easy to use. Creating spectacular, amazing aerial beam effects and displays. They meet and are certified FDA class IV entertainment laser products.