Laser Encore is a new exciting laser light show company that comes with decades of experience. Our staff has the years of knowledge and know how to bring you the best in design, programming and production. Along with the latest and greatest in technology.

Laser Encore has invested a great deal in purchasing all new RGB high powered laser light show systems, software and support gear. We have found our current smallest productions blows away some of our largest events from just a few years ago. Old and new clients will be amazed at how advanced and spectacular our laser light shows have become.

Our passion is our work!

Speed Of Light

Laser 101


Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Why use lasers?

There’s no other light like it. The most vivid, saturated color palette available. A contrast ratio unsurpassed by the best film and video technologies. The ability to reach out in three dimensions and shower an audience with cascades of beams or embrace them in waves of moving light.

It’s about enchanting an audience with dreamlike visions.

It’s about exciting crowds with visual effects that move faster than any other light-form.

It’s about engaging clients and customers with captivating images that move with a liquid-smooth animation style.

Today’s laser displays are creating visions that others only dream of.

The advantage of laser light.

The primary advantage of laser light is that it truly is a unique high-tech lighting source, not normally seen by the average person. This makes lasers perfect for special applications and events.

There are two main types of laser displays: Beams and Graphics.

For aerial beam shows, the laser light is seen in mid-air, either as glowing beams or scanned to create shapes such as cones and planes of light.

What makes aerial laser beam shows especially effective is the tight beam. When used with theatrical fog, a plane of laser light literally cuts through a thin cross-section of the fog, creating a sharp, eerie pattern of light and dark swirls. From just one laser projector, you can produce an amazing “Star Wars” effect of laser beams shooting throughout a room in many different directions.

In contrast, laser graphics are projected onto a screen, wall or other surface. The tiny dot made by the laser beam is moved quickly by computer-controlled mirrors, to draw out images, text and logos.

The biggest advantage of laser graphics is SIZE. Large scale projections on building and even sides of mountains are possible.

Of course, both beams and graphics are preferred to be used simultaneously. A popular configuration for shows is to have a central screen where graphics are front or rear projected. Flanking the screen on either side are aerial beam projectors, used to send beam patterns out, over the audience.

This unique effect, which can’t be duplicated by conventional lighting, is probably the most popular use of laser lighting worldwide. Unlike most other media, which occur far from the audience and are passively enjoyed, laser beams actually reach out and touch the audience. This provides a much stronger emotional link between artist and audience.

Now that the new lasers are so affordable using multiple laser systems is a standard. Plus by being so compact you can eliminate bounce mirrors as we can place an entire laser system where a mirror used to be. It’s now not so much a technical issue on how many lasers you want to have vs. just a budget choice.