Fairs and Festivals

Laser Encore is one of the leading companies in producing laser light shows for fairs and festivals across the United States and worldwide. Our stand alone “Laser Extravaganzas” are a main attraction for any event.
Laser Encore choreographs lasers to fun family-friendly songs for audiences of all ages. Our most popular 3D aerial laser beam displays project out over your audience for an amazing powerful laser show. These displays are all scalable depending on the size of your event, audience and budget.

Many clients have used our laser displays to add to their fireworks for an even more spectacular grand finale. Or go green for your event! Laser Encore’s new laser projectors are all very efficient solid-state, air-cooled systems. No environmental or safety hazards that fireworks can have. Indoors or outdoors we have package deals with no hidden fees, hassle free and same day setups.